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Experience Accurate Construction Cost Estimation Services with AZH
AZH Consulting is a top-tier consulting firm that specializes in providing comprehensive project estimate services for both public and private institutions across the continental United States. We strictly adhere to the regulations set by the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) to ensure that our results are objective, dependable, and defensible. Our visionary forecasting system takes into account all factors that can affect construction cost appraisal documents, such as labor costs, material cost, equipment cost, subcontractor costs, general conditions, markups, escalation, and mean & methods.

We have experience in public & private agencies, residential& commercial buildings, Interior & Exterior building renovation estimates. Our estimators are highly experienced in Bid Document estimate, Construction Document estimate, Design Document estimate, Preliminary Engineering estimate, Schematic estimate and Conceptual estimate with Contractors & Architectures in General construction & MEP construction. We Estimate construction Costs prior to construction bidding without compromising quality of construction estimating services. Detailed cost estimates contains quantity takeoffs, labor, materials, equipment, production, general conditions, crew composition and duration etc.

Our Building Cost Estimation Services

As a building materials estimator, we offer estimations for the three main roles of design, bidding, and control. Our services include:
  1. Design Estimates: We provide these services for owners and professionals in charge of design. We offer screening estimates, engineer’s estimates, and definitive estimates, depending on the level of design, including schematic, conceptual, preliminary engineering, design document, 50% construction document, and 100% construction document estimates that cover all trades.
  1. Bid Estimates: Our bid estimate services are aimed at contractors. We provide a direct building cost, on-site management, and an increase to include general overhead and profits. We also offer bid tabulation, comparison review, and comments to the owner.
  1. Project Control Estimates: This service is dedicated to monitoring the project during the construction phases. By providing cost estimation, we help set a budget estimate for financing and a budget required after contracting but before construction.

Our Process

We follow a detailed six-step process to ensure accurate cost estimation:
Step 1: Preliminary Discussion
We hold a formal kickoff meeting to review the engagement resources and addenda and create a detailed schedule.
Step 2: Accurate Quantity Analysis
Our Precision team executes a thorough digital quantity survey using cutting-edge takeoff software to expedite the material estimation and quality control processes.
Step 3: Costs of Labor, Material, Equipment & Subcontractor Cost
We procure supplier pricing and use pricing catalogs and reference books for the cost of materials. For equipment and laborers, we consider crew size, wage rates, equipment cost, and data from prevailing or union wage rates.
Step 4: Additional costs
Additional costs are considered for certain project circumstances, such as poor weather, material supply management, terrain restrictions, etc. Additionally, job site overheads include bonds, licenses, initiation, temporary structures, trips, accommodation, closing out, and more.
Step 5: Quality Check & Cold Evaluation
For quality assurance, our process includes a review conducted by a Senior Cost Manager (without prior knowledge of the project).
Step 6: Project Conclusion
We hold close-out meetings to review the total costs of each project as part of our organization’s dedication to progress.

Our Team Focus

Our team focuses on the following aspects:
  1. Fundamental Construction Expense We inspect the overall construction cost, including materials, furnishings, and labor, to get a clear understanding of construction cost at its superior.
  1. Construction Plans We thoroughly examine the building plans before providing construction cost estimation services in the US. It is essential to comprehend the plan components and scrutinize the details.
  1. Material and Fixture Costing Alongside the materials, we consider the fixtures to be used in a construction plan, which can influence pricing.
  1. Potential Increase in Pricing We take into account the potential elements that can escalate the construction cost and do not overlook these elements.
  1. Labor and Wages We concentrate on labor and wages and conduct real-time research about them according to conditions, location, and timing. Organize Your Construction Cost Estimation with AZH Organization is key no matter the scope of the task. Our construction cost estimation services ensure everything is in

Our Building Cost Estimation Services

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