AZH Consulting offers construction scheduling services that can benefit construction projects by providing efficient schedule analysis methods. The team of professional scheduling consultants provides a range of construction scheduling services such as expert program scheduling, cost and resource loading of CPM scheduling, schedule analysis, project control tool, measuring the impact of modifications, better work effectiveness, regular updating of schedules, completion and turnaround scheduling, window and look-ahead scheduling, planning examination, assessment of the outcome of changes, design stage scheduling, preparation of schedule reports, progress accomplishment confirmation, analysis and preparation for delays and interruption claims, construction phase scheduling, contract time determination for project bids, and master program scheduling.

AZH Consulting uses various methods of construction scheduling services to assist in construction projects such as generating an As-built schedule, creating an updated impact schedule, producing an As-planned schedule, developing a comparison schedule, making an accelerated schedule, formulating a recovery schedule, and executing a float analysis.

The As-built schedule is created using job documents like daily logs, journals, and job interactions. The updated impact schedule is developed to compare the project completion date to a baseline schedule with progress information. The As-planned schedule outlines how a contractor builds a project. The comparison schedule compares two schedules sent by the contractor to demonstrate the actual reason behind delays in a construction project. The accelerated schedule is made by making some changes to the project’s baseline schedule to finish it within time. The recovery schedule compresses the project efficiently to guarantee completion within a definite date and time. The float analysis identifies the maximum amount of time taken in a delay of a relevant project without delaying the entire project.

AZH Consulting’s construction scheduling services are designed to help project managers supervise different elements such as scheduling, resource allotment, and project supervision, leading to better work effectiveness, productivity, and cost-saving at each job site.

We provide Baseline, 90 Day schedule, Monthly Updated schedule, Resource loaded schedule, Delay analysis based on quantity take off and linking with production to schedule to Estimates.

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